3D Imaging

3D Imaging vs. Traditional X-Rays

  • All diagnostic and treatment planning data is available from one nine-second scan. This means that for almost all patients, uncomfortable impressions can be eliminated
  • Radiation exposure is further reduced
  • Images are in a digital format
  • Shows dental structures in far greater detail and allows state-of-the-art treatment planning
  • Saves several steps in the treatment process, thus even with the superior technology there is no additional cost
  • This technology ensures all available information is utilized when providing orthodontic treatment

The Regina Orthodontic Group is one of the few dental offices in Saskatchewan to utilize 3D dental imaging.

About iCAT™ Imaging

iCAT provides high-definition imaging with less radiation to the patient, and a typical scan time of only nine seconds. iCAT imaging emits less than half the radiation of traditional X-ray procedures, while delivering high quality 3D images of a patient’s mouth, face, and jaws. These scans provide much of the same information as hospital CT scans with up to 100 times less radiation. The data is then transferred to a computer and displayed for immediate dental analysis.

Right in the Office

Currently, patients visiting the Regina Orthodontic Group will benefit from having the most advanced 3D dental and facial imaging available. Most patients will now be able to bypass unpleasant impressions with their treatment. Due to the 3D nature of the scans, these models are mainly a thing of the past.